About Hidden Wealth Books:

Educating IP owners about licensing is our mission. Hidden Wealth Books offers books, e-books, audio courses and video classes to educate, teach and train inventors, startups, business owners and entrepreneurs how to make money buying and selling intellectual property rights. At Hidden Wealth Books, you’ll find the licensing tools for any stage of the IP licensing process – whether you are exploring the world of licensing, need advice on what to do with your IP, or ready to take your licensing activities to the next level.


Solving a Big Problem

Many people have great IP but don’t know to make money with it. And it is not just inventors and small businesses. US companies annually waste $1 trillion in underused intellectual property assets according to a report by Forrester Research. The biggest reason for this waste is the lack of understanding by inventors, business owners and CEOs of how to manage and make money with these IP assets.

Search any library or book store and you’ll find books on licensing theory, legal aspects of licensing, academic research, or complex innovation and IP management strategy. There are very few how-to books on licensing, but most fall short of giving readers the detailed how-to steps in the licensing process. They focus on the end result and don’t cover the specifics involved in each step of the licensing process.

There are no schools or classes that teach licensing. Credible sources for learning how to do the licensing process the right way are far and few between. Not even the top universities and colleges in the world teach courses on how to manage and make money with IP. Most courses are on the legal side. So is most of the information you read and hear about in the media.

Imagine what would happen if you learned the licensing skills to steer your IP in the right directions---and use it to develop wealth creating opportunities for yourself and others?