Educating IP owners
about licensing
is our mission.

About Hidden Wealth Books:

Educating IP owners about licensing is our mission. Hidden Wealth Books offers books, e-books, audio courses and video classes to educate, teach and train inventors, startups, business owners and entrepreneurs how to make money buying and selling intellectual property rights. At Hidden Wealth Books, you’ll find the licensing tools for any stage of the IP licensing process – whether you are exploring the world of licensing, need advice on what to do with your IP, or ready to take your licensing activities to the next level.

Rand Brenner –CEO, Licensing Consulting Group

Rand Brenner is CEO of Licensing Consulting Group (LCG), an intellectual property management and licensing company specializes in assisting startups and small to mid-size businesses strategically use their intellectual property to generate revenues. He is also the founder of, which offers training, coaching and courses on licensing and how to use it to make money with all types of intellectual property.